The web is growing by several billion pages per day. Keeping track of the new pages that you find interesting isn't that easy nowadays. Today's search engines won't give you fresh organized content about your favorite topic unless you specifically know what is new. That's what Yunar is trying to solve, we organize new web content in tens of thousands of topics, ready to be searched.

Look through organized content

Each topic has its own categories to find the content you need. Topics such as San Francisco would have events, maps and other city-related content.

Join an active community

Find new people with the same interests as you. Diverse topics are available to get in contact with like-minded users.

Yunar ( is a discovery search engine that provides fresh semantically-organized content about just any topic that interests you.

Its running period is September 2008 - Present and is currently being prototyped.

It was co-founded by Laurent Van Winckel and Prameya Bhandari.