These are projects I'm currently working on.

Project What Period Stage
Boot Ventures logo A startup studio Feb '15 - Present Active
Vggie logo A vegetarian restaurant discovery site to promote vegetarianism and veganism Oct '14 - Present Active
Scrapher An open-source web scraper for PHP to easily extract data from web pages Mar '14 - Present Active
Spotia logo A software development company based in Belgium Jul '10 - Present Incorporated, active
Clickable Links logo A Google Chrome extension Dec '09 - Jul '12, Sep '12 - Present Sold, restarted

Either dead or somehow not involved with them anymore.

Project What Period Stage
Storanza logo An online shop specializing in furniture and home decoration Oct '12 - Aug '13 Incorporated
FaceCoverz logo Facebook profile covers Oct '11 - Jan '12 Sold
CJReport logo Citizen journalism Aug '07 - Jan '10 Deadpooled
CelebsFun logo Silly face warping Aug '05 - Present Online but inactive
GiGamer logo Online flash games Dec '02 - Oct '05 Sold

I may continue them at some point in the future, but they're currently on hold.

Project What Started Stage
Vuo logo A new kind of communication platform Oct '13 Alpha version
Mise logo A mobile app connecting you to people and events nearby Jun '13 Under development
Hackoid logo Real life hacks Oct '10 Under development
Yunar logo Topic discovery engine Sep '08 Alpha version
Company Based in Period Role
Antidot logo Brussels, Belgium Oct '14 - Feb '15 PHP Developer (Consultant)
RTBF logo Brussels, Belgium Jan '14 - Oct '14 PHP Developer (Consultant)
Tractronic logo Brussels, Belgium Nov '12 - Mar '13 Vb.Net Developer (Consultant)
eBindle logo New York, NY May '12 - Oct '12 Web Developer (Consultant)
RingTV logo Vilvoorde, Belgium Feb '11 - Sep '14 Web Developer
SEO Workers logo Augsburg, Germany Mar '08 - Mar '11 IT Consultant